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I ship everywhere !


im reblogging for the macbook, i swear






Do we really have to take this?

A friend of mine was moving from her apartment. She asked me to look after some of her things. I agreed and not too long after she asked if her daughter Frances can come pick it up. I agreed and she came over with her boyfriend, who was also the father of her baby. I helped them carry the stuff down to the car, and during the whole visit exchanged possibly 10 words. 

Next day I received these texts. I had to created a fiancee I didn’t really have in order for him to stop.

I never told my friend what her daughter’s boyfriend did. Now they are expecting a second child, so as you all see, there was no break up. 

So Do we women really have to take this kind of attitude?

Do we have to invent things and people in order to be left alone.

I don’t want to have my titties banged.

I am not an easy lay.

I don’t deserve this.

Why do I go from being called “cute” “smart” and “pretty” in the beginning of the conversation, to “fatty” “bitch” and “ugly” in the end?

Reblog if you are against sexual harassment.

how do people like this actually exist what the fuck

Damn like a fucking light switch

Can I just point out that as soon as OP mentioned another man (a fiancee), this guy decided to back off. Because guys like this seem to have more respect for fellow men than they do for a woman and the fact that she’s not interested.